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Thank you very much for your interest in our company and products.
Bestever Japan is Yokohama based Gift Company, specialized in plush toys and related products. We’re always looking for reign distributors who understands our cute’n unique designs. Please feel free to contact us with your company info. and estimated business volume. We will be happy to get to know your company and hopefully to start a new business.

Please send us an e-mail with following inquiries. Thank you very much and we’ll be looking forward hearing from you.

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Company Name Bestever Japan Co., Ltd
Main Products and Services Representing the “Bestver” ideas & characteristics onto the designs of plush toys and other varieties of goods for both human & loving pets. One of the most popular items are the pet toys called “Love Pets by Bestever”. This unique toys are developped and tested by our company dogs named Nene♀ & Uni♂.
Company Introduction We often brain storm to bring out our active imagination to develop Fashionable, Functionable and Fun items every season.
We’re aiming not only at domestic Japanese market but also the international overseas market as well.
Business Category Manufacturing Industry/Wholesale Industry, Retail Industry
Company Information
Address Cosmo Bldg 2F-A, 1-3-9 Aobadai, Aoba-ku Yokohama, 227-0062, Japan
TEL +81-45-532-5043
FAX +81-45-532-5044
Representative President
Eri Kanazawa Hasegawa
Date of Foundation March 4 1999
Main Clients Tokyu Hands, Kingrun Chubu Co., Ltd., Etoile Kaito & Co., Inc., Japell Co., Ltd., Lovelypet Co., Ltd., Styling Life Holdings Inc.
Social Media Account facebook

Our Business operations

Recent years, we design our own products for Japan market, mostly functional but stuffed animal figured items like bags, pouches, cases, and some more.
At the first glance, they all look stuffed animals but most items have special functions that won’t leave our products as just “plush” and that’s one remarkable charm of our items.
Meaning they are all usable goods. Another charm is the “touch”. We take the utmost care on the fabrics we chose.

How we make our products

Most popular breed is the Toy Poodle in Puppy Passion series.
This whole series were originally developed for Bestever USA but we also tested them in Japan.
Then it sold crazily from the beginning and still is going.
So we expanded the product line in many different categories with Toy Poodle design.
This is absolutely the best sales breed in our company history.
We use the specific fabric that can represent poodle figure with just right “curls” and smooth “touch”.
We focus on cuteness and usability when we develop our products.
There are many Japan original items as mobile phone cleaners, crystal charms, embroidery patches and toys for pet.
Brain storming for new ideas or concepts is the 1st step. We have to keep our antennas high and sensitive to catch the market trends.
Once the concept is set, we start forming ideas and make design sketches.
We care about many little things like materials, patterns, colors and every details of a product and put all the information onto a design sketch sheet.
Next step is making a sample based on the design sketch in Chinese factory. Until we get the exact sample in 3D figure, same steps repeated.
Sometimes it takes half a year to get exact figure from the day 1 when we brainstormed. It’s that hard to put our ideas into a design.
When something cute comes out, we get very excited. That’s when we feel all our hard work and efforts paid off.
We try to introduce new items / line ups every once in a while to match the market trend.
As for the pet items, we ask our company dogs Nene♀ & Uni♂ and they help us test new ones.
To know what dogs feel, hear what dogs say. That’s our way of developing pet items.

Sales channels

The overwhelming share is pet shops and pet related stores. Most of our customers are pet owners and the people who love dogs.
People buy our products that looks similar to their pets at home.
I believe pet owners are our biggest customer. They tend to collect same breed items of their dogs.
Other major channels are the gift shops as Plaza Style and Tokyu Hands.
We are also putting effort exporting our items to overseas.
Currently we sell to Hong Kong on business basis but willing to open more accounts in several other countries in future.

Prospects for overseas business

There’s a big difference in how pets are cared in Japan and other countries.
It is very popular to keep pets indoor and put health insurance in Japan. Many pets are treated like a member of the family.
While many business men getting hair cut at 1000 yen at fast haircut salon, dogs getting their full treatment including nail care, shampoo, massage and etc for nearly 10000 yen.
I think Japan has the most advanced and unique environment for pets.
There are many stylish products in Europe and US but these are more adult taste and mainly for the big size dogs.
In Japan, there are many cute, tiny products ant that simply represents Japan’s “Kawaii” culture.
It would be great to export our cute & unique items to overseas along with our culture.
Our products give everyone or every pet a smile.
Stuffed animals are not exactly the essential needs in your life but it surely provides a better life with a sense of well-being and healing.